• “I wanted to experience the Cuban lifestyle first hand”

    The first time I visited Cuba was a package programme staying in hotels and travelling with a local tour guide. I fell in love with the Cuban culture and the Cuban optimism, but I wanted to experience the Cuban lifestyle first hand.


    Cuban lifestyle - dance


    While searching for a programme in Cuba, I found out that most organisations had fixed dates, offered only specific lengths, were very political or pricy and had the focus on groups rather than individuals. Since I have been living and travelling abroad a lot, I wanted something more flexible but safe. The BEST team always answered quickly to all my emails and the Skype meetings helped to clear any doubts. I was well taken care of and decided for BEST.

    Cuban lifestyle - music


    A mixture of weekly activities (dance, percussions, cooking and museum visits) and daily internship (helping during English lessons for adults and having art workshops with children on Saturdays) as well as making local friends and enjoying Santiago’s signs and night life made my experience unique.

    The happy smile on children’s faces, when you bring the colourful markers or other materials to make handcrafts and art projects with them, is simply a priceless experience.



    I recommend this part of the programme to anyone even if you do not have any experience with children and you are not very arty yourself. You can always find art projects which are suitable for children on Printest. Cuban children do not have many opportunities to enjoy creating art. My recommendation is to bring a lot of materials and donate them after your projects.

    Enjoy your own experience 😉


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  1. Kevin Aguilar says:

    I want to go Cuba in early July. What’s the protocol for an American to go? I heard it has to be educational