• Tai Chi Class in Santiago de Cuba – Video

    If you’ve ever seen a group of people moving in exquisitely graceful dance-like exercises in your local park, gym, or community center, you have witnessed the ancient Chinese arts of Tai chi or Qigong. These ordinary people are improving their health, strength, balance, concentration, and mental well-being—and they are having fun while doing it!

    Tai chi class in Cuba

    Now with BEST Programs on the upper patio of the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba you can enjoy the tai chi classes yourself, regardless of your current level of physical fitness!

    Tai chi class in Cuba

    Abdul Nuñez is the teacher of these therapeutic exercises and a Master of Bioenergetic Medicine from the University of Santiago de Cuba. His system has an enormous following and is based on Qigong and Taoist principles, called Nushentao. Particularly effective for health and healing, strength, power and disease prevention, training is presented on several different levels, mental, physical and energetic, for people of all ages and physical conditions.


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