Internships in Spain, Russia, Belgium, Italy or Colombia


The Study-Intern Program was conceived for the many people who are passionate about foreign cultures and wish to improve their foreign language communication while making social and professional contacts for the future in Spain, Russia, Belgium, Italy or Colombia for two to three months.

Internships in Spain, Russia, Belgium and Italy

Intern destinations

BEST will find you an internship in virtually any sector or major. We work with a data base of over 300 firms but if we do not have one in your area of interest, we will prospect it for you. We would also be happy to approach any specific company in Spain, Russia, Belgium, Italy or Colombia that you might be interested in. In this way we offer you value with a la carte service starting every Monday year long.

It is an economic solution for those who wish to combine exposure to people, life and pleasure with something more practical:

  • The chance to gain an international professional experience for your resume.
  • Exposure to the customs and protocols of Spanish, Russian, Belgian and Italian organizations.
  • Exposure to the techniques and business vocabulary in an international arena for a global perspective.
  • The opportunity to apply theory to real world situations.
  • First time, or a new and different work experience.
  • Foment your communication ability in a foreign language and your self-confidence – all factors which we can consider as important as, if not more, than a good academic background.
  • Improve your job perspectives.
Internships in Spain: primary teacher

Internships in Spain: primary teacher

What distinguishes us:

This program is organized by a mixed team of Spanish and American professionals who are have been the onsite source providers for many other programs marketed worldwide. This benefit is passed on to the program’s participants by lowering costs and maintaining higher value.

You will be given all the advantages for becoming bilingual and improving yourself professionally in a practical setting while living for 2 to 3 months in one of these great program destinations:

  • Spain: Madrid and Barcelona (inquire about other cities)
  • Russia: St. Petersburg – up to 3 months
  • Belgium: Brussels (for speakers of French) – 2 to 3 months
  • Italy: Palermo (Sicily) – 2 to 3 months
  • Colombia: Medellín – 2 to 3 months



Internships in Spain


Academic Features

The internship programs often provide an intensive language course in a centric specialized language academy upon your arrival. In Brussels the course is optional and reflected in a lower program fee. If your language level is already intermediate level the course can be waivers and the cost deducted from the program fee. These courses will prepare you for cultural immersion socially, linguistically and professionally.

Professional Features

Following the language course you will begin your internship. Sometime the internship can be started concurrently in the afternoons after the classes. We work with around 300 participating firms, both medium and international sized, in all fields of interest. Each one offers a unique and memorable opportunity. See the section Fields and Firms for examples of companies and NGOs we have worked with in the last year.

Cultural and Social Features

  • Most participants take advantage of the excursions at student prices organized by our language school´s activities coordinator. Spain is the most visited country in Europe for long-term tourism and you will find out why Spain has so many monuments listed by the United Nations as World Heritage sites.
  • There are daily free guided cultural activities with your language classes. (A small fee for drinks or entrances may be required.)
  • All our language schools in every location offer many free and low-cost cultural activities such as concerts, walking tours, interchanges, lectures, exhibits. etc.
  • BEST has very close ties with the worlds of art, music and travel. These afford us inside information which we regularly pass on to our Intern Program participants.



1) Language classes

  • Language classes for 2 weeks at our fully-equipped, official language school. The language schools offer flexibility in the scheduling of these classes for our participants. Possibilities include:
    • Evenings
    • Friday afternoons
    • Saturday mornings
    • Exchange of the extensive classes for an equivalent intensive course.
    • Private classes.
  • Language school entrance testing, diploma, language class certificates.
  • Materials
  • Wifi and Internet access

2) Arrival and Housing Assistance in Your Destination City

  • Housing assistance to find and secure accommodations with other students or or with local residents. The search is included but the rent is apart. Our lodging coordinator will send you the options with photos beforehand.
  • Orientation packet: includes tourist and city information and transportation and communication details – including a map and explanation of the Metro/public transportation.

3) Insurance

  • Full coverage medical and accident insurance at the special price of 35 Euros/month with a major Spanish health insurance provider. Note: You are not covered for robbery by this policy and we suggest you take out separate coverage from your own provider.


Internship in Spain

Graphic Arts in Madrid

4) Airport or station retrieval

  • We offer a service for airport pickup in which a person will be waiting for you at the exit of the arrival lounge at the airport. They will take you to your accommodation and avoid the hassles of public transportation and making you way in a new city after a long flight. If you would like to contract their services for you departure transfer please ask them for their card, phone number or contact directly.

5) Extras

  • Organized cultural activities daily for free or at a discounted rate
  • Materials
  • Post-arrival support for bureaucracy, bank account, cell phones, etc.

6) Optional Services

  • Translation of documents: 30 Euros/page. (Order a professionally translated resume and cover letter for your internship applications).
  • Rush Processing Fee: 100 Euros – Students who apply to Best Programs 12 weeks or less from their intended date of arrival will be required to pay a 100 Euro rush processing fee.
  • Final Payment Late Fee: 100 Euros – Final payment for language classes and services are due at least 21 days before your arrival in country or you will be charged a 100 Euro late fee.


We strive to maintain the same great prices year after year and even reduce when possible.


All cities except Brussels:

  • 1890 Euros ($2340 approx.) for 2 months (includes a two-week language course)
  • 1990 Euros ($2470 approx.) for 3 months or more (includes a two-week language course)


  • 1600 Euros ($2090 approx.) for 3 months or more (Optional language course)


  • Discount of 250 euros for advanced Spanish, Russian, Italian or French speakers who waiver the language classes.
  • Discounted fee of 750 euros for second internship (ie. Madrid and Brussels, Barcelona and Palermo, Madrid and Barcelona, etc.).
  • No extra fee (except insurance if applicable) for placements longer than 3 months.
  • Come with a Friend discount of 100 euros each.


Internship in Spain: Business

Internship in Spain: Business

Optional Fees

  • Translation of documents: 30 Euros/page.
  • Rush Processing Fee: 100 Euros – Students who apply to Best Programs 12 weeks or less from their intended date of arrival will be required to pay a 100 Euro rush processing fee.
  • Final Payment Late Fee: 100 Euros – Final payment for language classes and services are due at least 21 days before your arrival in country or you will be charged a 100 Euro late fee.
  • Extension of intensive language course by weeks: 170 euros approximately according to location.
  • Health and Accident Insurance: from 35 euros. Note: You are not covered for theft in general and might want to consider taking out a policy in case of theft on your own.


  1. Two-month internships are not possible in Brussels.
  2. Other payment methods are by international bank transfer or Western Union (see below).
  3. Payment in euros. Dollar amounts will fluctuate with the exchange rate.
  4. For cancellation policy, please see our Terms and Conditions.
  5. In order to assure us of your participation, a non-refundable deposit of 300 Euros is payable by Paypal online here with a minimum of 8 weeks before your desired commencement date.
  6. If you require a visa in Spain see our Study + Visa Program.
  7. The application fee is due before BEST begins to work on and process your documentation. This amount is not a charge but a deposit that will later be deducted from your final bill.

Methods of Payment

1. BANK TRANSFER in Euros to:

BEST Programs
Open Bank
Plaza Manuel Gomez Moreno, 2; 28020 Madrid, Spain
IBAN: ES24 0073 0100 52 0473377294
Account Number: 0473377294
BIC/SWIFT (Bank Identification Code): OPENES MM
Fee Code: OUR

Please be sure to mention”sender´s name” and what the transfer is for. All banking costs must be paid by the sender.

2. Paypal to

3. Western Union payable to

Name: Jill Suzanne
Surname: Arcaro Gordon
Calle Solano 11, 3 – C
Pozuelo de Alarcon
28223 Madrid, Spain

BEST requests that you notify us once you have made payment and send us the retrieval number for Western Union or a scanned copy of the transfer order, so that we can begin processing your application immediately. We will be on the alert for the transfer and confirm reception of it once received. Transfers can sometime take up to 5 days.

Legal Notices, Terms and Cancellation Policy here

Included Items

Included Program Features

Internships: Education

Internships: Education

  • For all locations except Brussels where it is optional, tuition in one of our centrally located, up-market, fully-equipped language schools for an intensive language course Monday to Friday for 2 weeks. Class hours are between 45 and 60 minutes from 9:30 to 1 pm (or similar) and there is a break in between classes.
  • The class size is between 6 and 10 students. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to participate in class conversations and to get to know your classmates.
  • Absolute beginners can only start on the first and third Monday of each month. Students with previous knowledge can start any Monday. Inquire if you dates include any holiday beforehand.
  • Intern placement in your pre-selected area of interest. We have hundreds of firms in our data base but we will approach new companies for you if there are none for your field. We will also pitch you to the companies of your choice.
  • Screening of all companies.
  • Reservation and screening service for lodging.
  • Limited bureaucracy in the processing of your application.
  • Tutor for academic and professional affairs.
  • Level testing, certificates, taxes, materials, texts and free Internet access while studying.
  • Airport pick up. You can ask the driver for his phone number for your return to the airport (optional).
  • Full coverage health, accident and travel insurance.
  • A local phone number, fax and e-mail data will be provided for you to use to make contact with us in case of need.
  • Helpful and extensive online information about your destination.
  • Orientation Folder: includes tourist and city information, transportation and communications details — including a map and explanation of the Metro and much more.
  • Activities program and many free and discounted services, excursions, etc.