Study / Internship in Cuba


Internship in Cuba – We are now HYBRID: start online and transition into a live internship at any destination.

Edutravel to Cuba

If you prefer to travel with a purpose, rather than just for leisure, read on. Here we offer the following options to help maintain your travel-life balance by traveling with an intention to La Havana or Santiago de Cuba: – be it internship in Cuba, study, leisure or cultural immersion, guaranteed fulfillment!

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On this educational Cuba tour, you will experience the cultural and humanistic, people to people, charms of the 500 year old cultural city of Santiago de Cuba or La Havana and the satisfaction of collaborating with its people by concentrating on any of the following according to your decision: cultural visits, solidarity events, art exhibits, community service, professional collaborations or internships.

Study in Cuba

You will be invited to attend some of Santiago´s salsa and son performances at night and to practice what you have learnt in the salsa classes. Other classes you can elect to attend are Cuban music, Cuban dance and Cuban cuisine, Tai Chi, Spanish language, percussion, guitar or voice classes. You can volunteer in art or English teaching with children or have a professional collaboration or internship (depending on the duration of your stay) in the area of your expertise. You will have time to see the outskirts and glimpse village life. There are several excursions which also expand your view in the area, with a beach luncheon and a visit to the residence of famous Cuban artists.

This year BEST´s award winning program in innovative educational programs is celebrating its 4th year.  Our mission to immerse you in this passionate culture to truly have you experience Cuba just like a local. People-to-People travel allows even the most seasoned travelers to view Cuba through the lens of the musicians, dancers, artists and locals— an experience that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

Internship in Cuba

This program is open to all interested participants worldwide and especially geared for those who prefer to travel with a purpose, rather than just for leisure. There is a certain flexibility in the choice of your activities but our specialty is humanitarian collaboration and internships. BEST will provide you with the guidance for an unforgettable edu-travel experience where you will immerse yourself culturally with the support of our helpful local coordinators that are there to assist and to guide you so that you can spend two to eight weeks pursuing your passions and improving your life and professional experience by means of:

  • Studying Salsa, Cuban guitar, percussion, voice, cuisine, Tai Chi and/or Spanish language.
  • Volunteering, Community service or interning in teaching, translation, micro-businesses, tourism, health professions, etc…

This program can be booked by singles, students, couples, or groups of friends and whether you are traveling by yourself or coming with someone else, everyone gets their own personal Cuban dance and/or language partner to make it a far more intensive and rewarding learning experience.

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  • Ability to commit for specified time period on your application.  This is normally for 2 or 3 months minimum (except Cuba where short periods are accepted).
  • Intermediate language level (unless placed with an English language company or participating in another experiential learning area that is not an internship).
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Clear professional or academic track. When searching for your internship we request you give us three areas of interest.
  • 8 to 12 weeks advanced notice, except for late registrations. Rush processing is 100 euros.

Feel free to contact us  or set up a call for clarification and help with deciding time frame, destination and/or best program fit for you.


Internship in Cuba

BEST´s vision of professional collaboration or internship in Cuba guarantees you an interesting experience from a Western perspective because of the glimpses it gives of this particular historical and cultural moment. Outside of Cuba we see this “work” experience as an opportunity to network and explore the territory with an eye from those interested in doing business or collaborating further with Cuba.

There is flexible duration of community service and volunteer activities which can last for time periods as short as one day.

If you are looking for ways to help others, community service or volunteering is of enormous benefit to the Cuban people.  We work both with official organizations in underprivileged areas and with cultural centers, art galleries and schools, etc…

We will search for internship in Cuba or volunteer work a la carte, according to the interests and abilities of each participant, in fields such as the arts, hospitality, tourism, events, volunteering and education (in any subject). The goal is to put you in touch with professionals in your area of interest by providing an international professional experience on your resume in a developing country.

As a country where still more than 90% of the economy is under government control we will still set you up with private contacts and with micro-business owners and/or experts in your field of interest for interchanges and professional collaborations which will be outlined in your itinerary to the best of our ability, before your arrival.


Work / study in Cuba


Where? Santiago de Cuba  or La Habana.

When? All year, starting every Monday.

Objectives? Developing international career; develop contacts and knowledge in a way that cannot be duplicated in formal classes; Gain a global perspective and a unique cultural adventure. The Internship in Cuba programs can be customized and we accept special requests, but cannot guarantee jobs.

For whom? Students, recent graduates, professionals and anybody interested in making a social contribution. Note: All internships in Cuba are unpaid.

Areas of interest?
Health and welfare, education, hospitality and tourism, dance, marketing, the arts, design, photography and video production, events, etc.

Value added? We will do a la carte searches and take special requests. If we are not successful we allow you to exchange the internship for dance or Spanish classes. We give discounts for every two registrations together (called Come with a Friend) and groups of 10.



Classes you can elect to attend are:

Ask for more info…

La Habana

Photography, Spanish, Cooking, Cuban Dancing, Percussion, Music (any instrument or voice), Tai Chi, Massage (holistic, reflexology, Thai massage), Theater, Bicycle and Electric Scooter Tours, African Yoruba religion, Yoga (Kundaline, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Restorative…). Ask for more info…

Santiago de Cuba

Spanish | Salsa | Cuban cuisine | Tai Chi | Massage | Yoga | Percussion, Guitar, Voice, etc.

Language classes

About the language classes characteristics see information here.


Salsa Classes

The salsa classes are divided into levels and include rueda de casino, mambo, son, rumba and afrocuban dance, etc.

The classes are any day during the week, usually for an hour and from 9 pm for the evenings out, until around 1 am. The schedule is fixed upon arrival by your coordinator according to your other activities. If you feel you need more classes they can be arranged. At night the dancing club entrances give you a chance to practice with your teachers and to see professionals and Cuban dancers performing.

There might be voluntary activities as well which are planned according to performance dates of dance groups in the city, cabarets, salsa concerts, etc. All participants have their own Cuban dance partner.

What is included?

  • Daily dance class for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Private dance teacher.
  • Cuban dance partner.
  • Certifictate of participation.
  • Note: drinks at the night clubs are excluded. It is customary to invite your dance partner to a drink or two.


Cuban Cuisine

Cuban cuisine is a blend of Spanish, African, and Caribbean and Native America influences.

You can spend any amount of your program´s class time cooking authentic Cuban cuisine with private teachers who run the Bed & Breakfasts.  You will be given an extensive bibliography and taught the history of Cuban cooking and how to elaborate any of 30 typical dishes such as ropa vieja, tostones, arroz moro, fricasse de pollo, salsa criolla, etc., all in a really good, professional but relaxing atmosphere.

cuban cuisine

We also work with the Cuban Culinary Association of Santiago de Cuba which runs a restaurant and accepts our students there to learn by observation and explanation.  The Bed & Breakfast´s offer a more hands-on approach.


Tai Chi

If you’ve ever seen a group of people moving in exquisitely graceful dance-like exercises in your local park, gym, or community center, you have witnessed the ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi or Qigong. These ordinary people are improving their health, strength, balance, concentration, and mental well-being—and they are having fun while doing it!

Now with BEST Programs on the upper patio of the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba you can enjoy the classes yourself, regardless of your current level of physical fitness!

Taichi in Cuba
Abdul Nuñez is the teacher of these therapeutic exercises and a Master of Bioenergetic Medicine from the University of Santiago de Cuba.  His system has an enormous following and is based on Qigong and Taoist principles, called Nushentao. Particularly effective for health and healing, strength, power and disease prevention, training is presented on several different levels, mental, physical and energetic, for people of all ages and physical conditions.

See video here.


Massage (holistic, reflexology, Thai massage)


Massage in Cuba

Massage Center Cuba


Yoga (Kundaline, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Restorative…)

Clases de yoga en Cuba

Cuba - Sesión de Yoga

Centro de Yoga - Cuba



Percussion, Guitar, Voice, etc.

Whether you are a musician or an aficionado, we offer you the opportunity to study with world-class Cuban musicians and also the possibility of playing and/or accompanying them.

Work / study in Cuba

Take full advantage and sign up for the instrument of your choice, including voice, percussion, guitar, wind instruments…  Open to all regardless of level and guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

Video here of Ibrahim Napoles, our Percussion teacher in Santiago de Cuba.



About Cuba



We have negotiated the best prices and do not take any commission, passing all the benefit onto our participants. We include our quality guarantee of the teachers, onsite tutor and the logistic coordination. Members of our organization have visited personally and tried out all the providers.

Special a-la-carte fee plan:

*Minimum one week – maximum 3 months
*Not eligible for group discounts
*Not eligible for Come with a Friend discount

  • 450 Euros from Payments Area with registration form
  • You pay remainder in Cuba to our providers:
    • Accommodation – approx. 25 to 30 dollars/night or by monthly rate
    • Lunch or dinner – 10 dollars
    • Breakfast – 5 dollars
    • Airport Transportation – approx. 25 to 30 dollars
    • Dance classes – 15 dollars/hr.
    • Spanish classes – 10 – 15 dollars /hr. depending on location and number of classes.
    • Wifi cards y Wifi casa – 25 CUP per hour.


  • Rush registrations – 100 euros
  • Translation of documents – 30 euros/page

* Please read our refund policy in Terms and Legal Notices.

Link for Currency exchange rates from Euros and USD here.

The currency in Cuba now is the Cuban peso which is on a par with the USD. Mind the currency listed in the fees because it varies.


Language classes

  • Spanish classes can be alternated with cultural activities.
  • Level testing, diploma, materials.
  • Cuban language exchange partner.


  • We will recommend private guest houses or individual apartments. For more information please see our website´s section here.
  • Orientation meeting with local coordinator might include some or all of the following:
    • city tour
    • tourist information (excursions, sightseeing)
    • transportation details
    • currency details (ie. money exchange)
    • communication details (cell phones and email), phone number for inquiries locally
    • safety tips
    • shopping pointers
    • visa extensions
    • health issues


  • Airport transfers. For airport or station pickup which provides a person to be waiting for you at the exit or the possibility of taking an official taxi to your accommodation. When you depart, we also provide the transfer back to the airport. We require the arrival and departure information with at least one week´s notice.

Internship in Cuba

  • Internship in an area of your choice. We request that you give us three possible areas.  In the event that no internship can be found or for any logistic reason, your internship is not viable, you will be given the possibility to take excursions or extra classes to make your stay memorable.


    • Communication costs (cell phone, Cuban sim cards and Internet.)
    • Laundry (we try to negotiate at least one load of wash a week with each landlord. You should provide your own detergent.)
    • Food (Breakfasts are plentiful at the guest houses and meals can be arranged with the landlord either full or half board, or eaten out.)
    • Beverages
    • Insurance (can be purchased online here or here.)
    • Visa (can be purchased online here.)

Legal Notices, Terms and Cancellation Policy here



See here complete Aplication Steps.

  1. Fill in the APPLICATION FORM
  2. Pay here the 450 EUR DEPOSIT.
  3. SEND: Current resume in English as well as the language of the destination country.  Include a cover letter (See the Resume and Cover letter tips), a recent head-shot photo and a copy of your passport.

What happens next?