Interns for Local Companies

Interns for local companies


BEST Programs provides the opportunity for companies to host university educated candidates from foreign countries. For the local businesses, the benefits of accepting an overseas intern are numerous.


In particular:

  • The company will not be charged by BEST for the selection and referral of the intern/trainee.
  • The intern could help the staff in a range of tasks. For example, research and marketing, cost and benefit analysis, Internet and web page assistance, customer and public relations, text processing, and database entry.
  • Translation and interpretation.
  • An additional person amongst the staff could cover the absence of another employee.
  • Could provide part-time work for special projects.
  • Could alleviate the workload in a department.
  • Through the promotion of cultural exchange, the overseas intern may expose the local business to new ideas and perspectives.

In summation, accepting international interns is a great opportunity to enrich the company in a cultural exchange. One hopes that the experience creates a high level of satisfaction for both the local business and the overseas intern.

Program Highlights

Duration of Stay

After receiving the prospective intern’s application, the two parties decide on the duration of the internship.  Scheduling is decided upon as well, usually five days a week.


A formal contract between the student and the business is unnecessary. The nature of the internship is strictly experiential. In no way is the business obliged to provide future work for the intern. The relationship between the firm and the participant is confirmed on the documentation signed when the intern/trainee is accepted.


In agreement with the regulations of international exchange, the intern/trainee is responsible for obtaining insurance that suitably covers medical emergencies such as sickness, an untimely accident, or an unfortunate demise.

Interns for local companies


Businesses that select an intern are not obligated to provide a salary. However, a compensation or form of scholarly “aide” is optional, depending on the company’s or the intern’s interests. BEST Programs advises the companies to consider the possibility of a stipend, especially if an intern dedicates more than four hours per day to the company/NGO, etc. This aid can be based on lodging, transportation, work clothing, etc.

Candidate Profiles

Most of our candidates are university students or post-graduates with high English language skills.  We work with a broad range of candidates in varied fields of interests.  The opportunity to host an intern is available to all businesses. Predominating sectors and departments are:

  • Business Administration
  • Bio-Technology
  • Engineering
  • International Commerce
  • International Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Educational fields, such as EFL and others
  • Financial Departments
  • Graphic Design
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Translation
  • Law

Requirements for the Applicants

  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Intermediate/advanced host company language level.
  • Previous educational or professional experience.
  • Medical Insurance coverage.


All of the interns enroll in BEST Programs with the intention to improve their language level in a professional setting. Some candidates want to expand and experience a certain professional environment. In addition to this, other applicants are required to intern in a foreign country to fulfil a graduation requirement. The interns are driven with the motivation to build their resumes and gain practical experience in an international arena.

Steps to Request an Intern

  1. Let us know by phone or email the job description and how many interns are needed. We recommend that you let us know with advanced notice (about twelve weeks before the start of the internship).
  2. An appointment will be arranged to meet with the candidate either by Skype or telephone. Once the business and the applicant have met, the final decision will be made accordingly. BEST will help to facilitate the process in every way possible. Our communication with the companies is personalized and we are always available to assist in any way.
  3. Finally, we help you process the documentation necessary in order to legally accept the intern/trainee in the company.

Contact BEST and we will find you the intern which adapts to your company’s needs.

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