Application Steps

3 Simple Application Steps

Step 1: Fill out the Application form. It’s quick and easy to complete!

Step 2: Pay the 300 euros application fee* in our Payments Area or by bank transfer.
* This is a non refundable application fee to cover administration costs.

Step 3: Submit the following documents via email to complete your dossier:

  • Current resume (in English and language of the destination country)  Note: We will translate your English resume and cover letter for 30 Euros/page. Send us the documents by email and we will return them to you by email. Pay by Paypal with a credit card or a Paypal account. See the Resume tips.
  • Cover letter stating your aspirations and goals. See the Cover letter tips.
  • Recent head-shot photo
  • Passport copy

Upon receiving Application Steps 1, 2 and 3 above, we will review your materials and you can set up a phone or Skype interview if you desire, to talk about your program goals, details and a timeline.

We send you a language level test and we request a copy of your insurance and your flight information.

From here we start to prepare your working itinerary with your language classes, accommodation, retrieval information, internship company, local coordinator, contacts, etc. You will be sent this probably more than once, as we fill it in with fresh and forthcoming data.

Finally when your itinerary is complete, we send you the final bill.

Upon arrival we transfer you to your accommodation.  This is usually arranged one or two days before your classes or internship starts but early arrival can also be arranged.


  • Ability to commit for specified time period on your application.  This is normally for 2 or 3 months minimum (except Cuba where short periods are accepted).
  • Intermediate language level (unless placed with an English language company)
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Clear professional or academic track.
  • 8 to 12 weeks advanced notice, except for late registrations.

Feel free to contact us  or set up a Skype call for clarification and help with deciding time frame, destination and/or best program fit for you.