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    Special Program in Santiago de Cuba: “Walking with Heroes”

    They hike for a period of 10 days (of which you will join them for 2 days and nights) in the countryside visiting local communities and encouraging children, youth and the rest of the population to express themselves artistically: plastic arts, literature, dance, theater, etc.

    Hiking in Cuba

    An opportunity to express theoretical knowledge by practicing in communities where traditional values take priority, supports a range of values: ecological, historical, geographically, artistic, traditional, recreation, sports, etc.

    Thus the Walking with the Heros project promotes awareness and contacts in those communities that have less access to artistic and literary culture while allowing the participants, whether artists or volunteers, an unforgettable life-experience.

    Sponsored by the Hermanos Saiz Association and BEST Programs
    7 nights with accommodation, meals, Spanish and/or salsa dancing


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