Internships Fields

internships fields

We offer internships in all fields. Most cities seems to specialize in certain areas, such as Cuba for the arts, USA for business, Thailand and Brussels for humanitarian organizations. The most popular ones we have listed below with a short description and where we offer programs in that particular field. Click to expand info:


Candidates in this sector will intern doing a variety of routine duties related to accounting: databases, inputting expenses and payments (A/R), billing, banking, financial procedures, budgeting, auditing, accounts, investment, etc.


This internship can provide experience and exposure to the many facets of architectural practice. Interns assist project teams and may gain experience with schematic design, AutoCAD, model making, construction documents, participating in activities like structural brainstorming sessions and presentation projects. Interns may have the opportunity to attend construction site visits and weekly design critiques. Architecture is a growing field and is going to continue to be in high demand in the coming years.

For candidates studying Architecture or other relevant courses with graphic and design talent, Adobe Creative Suite and AutoCAD


With both young and traditional galleries and art dealers which feature cutting-edge art works and artists as well as more established ones from the US, Latin America and Europe. There is usually a high frequency of special events such as screenings, performances, talks and yet to be invented formats attracting art savvy crowds.

Other welcome areas of interest: Art Consulting,, Expositions, Marketing. Tasks to be carried out include communicating with clients and artists; participation in planning shows; conceiving and organizing special events; preparing press information; errands and office responsibilities; assisting with gallery events.


One of the more competitive industries: finance is interesting for both students and those graduates that are transitioning careers. Open to majors in finance, accounting, economics or business administration for finance functions, financial services, finance departments, accounting, administration, counseling / account management, financial consulting, stock market, investments, etc.


Catering interns can work in-house for a variety of organisations, including hospitals, schools, factories and prisons, or can work for a contract catering company providing catering services to a range of clients such as food services, restaurants, airlines, weddings, conferences, private catering companies or larger food service departments.

Catering interns help plan, organize and develop the food and beverage services of organisations and businesses, whilst meeting customer expectations, food and hygiene standards and financial targets. The role varies according to the size and nature of the business and can include chefs and cooks. The catering intern usually has a hands-on role and is involved in the day-to-day running of the operation.


Communications interns in industries such as tourism, press, journalism, insurance, automotive, health services, volunteer, education, etc. A communications internship is the first step toward establishing a career in advertising, branding, direct marketing, promotion, publicity, and public relations.

Marketing communication internships can provide interns with the knowledge to create and propagate brands through mass communication channels like print, television, radio, and the internet. Interns usually work in teams and are a part of the strategy-building process for the clients. They learn to identify the target audience and then build campaigns that will convert audiences into customers. Most companies lay stress on creativity and overall intuition of market practices and trends.

Current Placement: Small Madrid company dedicated to editorial advertising has interns working directly with mentor to carry out tasks such as research on Internet, client email management, archive compilation and organization, assist in trafficking advertiser materials, assist in advertising labeling and filing, tracking information with Excell and data base program, assist with general filing and mailings for the Production department, etc.


Design refers to the planning that lays the groundwork for the making of an object, product or system, consider product design, graphic design, digital, stage/set design, landscape, interior design, etc. The requirements and key activities of a design internship vary from category to category.

For example, in an interior design internship you might be expected to assist in client presentations, update resources, handle vendor management, assist designers, and participate with design teams, while as a graphic design intern you might develop and visualize concepts, design documentation and client presentation, build prototypes and coordinate and liaise with different departments involved in graphic designing.

However, the purpose of design internships is to help you gain real work experience and to learn how design and business work together in a fast-paced environment. For this you need to listen, brainstorm, observe, gather insights from your observations, create perspectives, explore and define design opportunities, help define strategy, create tangible design expressions and communicate the essence of these ideas.


Tropical, natural parks, forests, packaging / recycling, pollution, conservation, waste, green jobs in solar, wind, renewable energy and clean energy, green building, organic, flora and fauna, wildlife preservation and many more.


Working in Public Relations, corporate fairs / expos, product launches, conferences, seminars, organization and administration, consulting…

Current Placement: International Event Management A new local office of an Italian company organizing Festivals and Events in Spain, Italy, Prague, Croatia etc. will take interns willing to work according to skills and language abilities organizing a big choir and folk festival on the Spanish coast with almost 2000 people coming from different countries. Language skills highly valued. Tasks include: Marketing, P.R., organizing events, talking with groups from different countries , booking hotels, transfers, excursions, etc. Lodging is provided by the company.


For specialized industries, such as aerospace, manufacturing and electronics. With many functions within the engineering process needing oversight or ‘leg work’, interns are a valuable asset that many large engineering companies love to leverage and use the collaboration to gain a better understanding of an intern’s work and potential to identify possible employees. We place in roles across the engineering industry.


Creation, showrooms, visual merchandising, making of clothing / other items, retail, distribution, Expos / Fashion Fairs, Fashion Houses, Model Agencies & Fashion Journalism/PR.


Companies in food sciences and technology such as wine, olives, olive oil, cheese, ham, fish, beer, chocolates.


Studios, Printing firms, Graphic Design, Marketing, Logistics Creation of web pages and promotional materials such as catalogues, brochures, logos, info CD’s, special promos, etc. The interns will be placed in companies that have as their clients other companies who need GD services or also in companies that have a GD department to design their own materials. We also offer internships working for magazines or local newspapers under this heading.


These internships provide the candidate with the opportunity to shadow a nurse or a doctor, visiting patients in a major medical center. All medical areas are available. Initially, the candidate will do minor tasks associated with patients and patient care, and will be given more responsibility once his/her capacity is determined. For some, this will be mostly observational. For others, this can be realization of medical duties. Logically, much depends on the candidate, their level of language, past internships, etc.

This is an amazing opportunity to experience first-hand how the medical profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ abroad as compared to your country.

Current Placement: Federation Neurosciences, Brussels Representing a large number of national European neuroscience societies in over 40 countries, FENS was founded with the goals of advancing research and education in neuroscience and representing neuroscience research in the European Commission. The intern, a pre-med student, does administrative duties and works on current projects being pursued, organization of meetings, website editing, etc. The language of business is English.


Hospitality and Tourism in prime tourism destinations. There are many aspects to a hospitality and tourism internship, such as: operation management, event planning, marketing, and customer service, cuisine arts, food and beverage. If you have ever thought of working at a hotel, resort, or conference center, a hospitality internship is right for you. Hotel industry work is in 3-, 4-, 5 star establishments. Sometime rotation in all departments, depending on language ability.


These internships include programming and software design, among other things. Maintenance of hardware and ideas to help better internal processes at different corporations / organizations, digitizing and planning new technical products. Candidates may be placed in IT companies dedicated to creating programs / services for other companies, or even the IT department of a large company, or in an NGO.


The principal job duties in these internships will be to create and execute new business strategies, cultural programs, educational / advocacy programs, new products or services; and to assist in bettering the existing processes.

Firms maintain business relations with different European, American, African and Asian countries, which provide an appropriate backdrop to do a variety of things during an internship in this field. Also, the NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) with projects ongoing in third world countries offer a good opportunity to get to know and evaluate distinct economic and social situations.


Logistics and international transport as well as for people interested in international trade, wholesale and connecting with rest of the world by import / export, fairs and expos, new products, etc. Work in document management, airline transportation issues, maritime and over-land transport, customs work such as warehousing and packaging incoming or outgoing products and then distributions of these products.


Interns will work at private or not-for-profit companies dedicated to sending students abroad. Plan on helping with all aspects of international travel and programs abroad. This internship is good for those interested in a career in international relations or a career at a university within their study abroad or career services office.


Interns will participate in editing, reporting and publication of newspapers and magazines, including marketing, communications, design, writing and correction of articles, photography, research, web design and more.

Current Placement: Journalist This Barcelona based English newspaper hosts English speaking interns to work with their small team and get a hands-on overview of the newspaper business while reporting.


Work experience with small children


Languages interns play a critical role in the execution, promotion, and development of language classes for adults and children, lesson planning, material design. Interns in languages should have experience working with people, a capacity for multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills. They should also need to be strong in both verbal and written communication. Candidates interested in the world of languages can collaborate in translations, as conventions guides, event planning, etc.


Intern provide support to the office and shipping manager. The role is an excellent opportunity for a highly organized student or recent graduate to gain hands-on business, administrative and customer service experience and a chance to learn about the behind-the-scenes operations.

Current Placement: Logistics This Madrid based logistics firms deals with shipping in general on cargo ships, with forwarders and shipping agents. Interns carry out a variety of tasks including customer relations, billing, operations, accounting and organization.


We make placements in the Municipal Court in Madrid, in legal departments in companies and in law firms in the following areas: Labor law, Bankrupcy, Real Estate law, Family law, Property law, Criminal law, Administrative law, Company law, Competition law, Tax and Financial law, etc.


These internships can take place in many different kinds of firms and associations. In the larger corporations, the candidate will work in a specific department usually focusing on maintaining and reinforcing the already created projects / clients and attending to specific clients. In the smaller organizations and companies the work is always more across the board doing such tasks as creating and maintain new clients/markets, advertising, PR, etc. The candidates will do their internships in private companies, corporations or in non-profit agencies or organizations.

Current Placement: Creative Marketing and Communication This Barcelona-based company is many things; it is a company, it is an innovative publishing house, and it is a unique graphics design and multimedia company whose business extends all over the world. Founded in 1987, it primarily works in the European Union and with its many languages – as such, it is looking for interns to help with daily business, product development, commercial communication, and more.

It promises to be a unique experience due to the fact that their diverse business interests and clients lead to a wealth of daily activities attracting interns of different profiles and backgrounds and offering them the chance to learn, practice and perfect an innumerable amount of professional skills and, of course, Spanish and Catalan. Centrally located on a main boulevard of downtown Barcelona the interns will have an unforgettable experience abroad and the chance to make professional connections that last a lifetime.


Interns gain exposure to, and collaborate with, experts in virtually every field of medicine such as geriatric psychiatry, sleep-wake disorders, marriage education, neuropsychological assessment, an HIV clinic, a managed care company, and many more! Most, but not all, internship fall into four specific areas of clinical psychology: adults, child, Behavioral Psychology, Neuropsychology.


Publishing internships might take place in different forms of media, such as online, magazine, books, and all other print forms. In a publishing internship you engage in editorial support, research for articles, quality assurance, copy writing, and editorial reporting. Publishing internships may also include page layout and design, content creation, copy editing, covering local events, attending events, book preparation, catalogues, billing, library/archives.


Working with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram — as well as assisting on social journalism projects and providing general support in customer inquiries, company blog, and email campaigns. Other tasks candidates in this internship might perform are to support online marketing and communication´s campaigns; researching and developing ways to improve engagement and site traffic; gathering content and managing social media profiles; coordinating advertising and promotions; and providing performance tracking for campaigns.


Spain as one of the world´s principal tourist destinations has millions of tourist each year. Candidates are sought for posts in hotels, travel agencies, event management firms, study abroad, etc. Interns often have the possibility to rotate through the departments or can chose one specific area like cuisine arts depending on their skills and abilities. Tasks include reception, customer service, marketing, reservations and more.

Current Placement: A small, dynamic and innovative real estate agency in the center of Barcelona for tourist accommodation. A very energetic and a fun but professional firm. This dynamic company offers opportunities for interns to gain a lot of experience, to have a lot of responsibility and make changes from day one in a truly international environment.

Description of tasks: interns work with a mix of international clients on a daily basis to rent out properties in Barcelona. There is a lot of variety in activities involved, visits to all areas of Barcelona and meeting a wide range of people. Interns need to be checking their email weekends and some evenings. Possibility of earning commission with this position. Requirements: Strong English and Spanish, both written and spoken.


Translate and proofread texts that have been translated by other translators.

Current Placement: A translation agency situated in Barcelona, Spain offers translation and interpretation internships in all languages. Students have the opportunity to do a Web Marketing/ Human Resources / Project Coordination internship in the agency for a period of three months or more. Urban travel costs are paid for by the company.


Areas such as: earthquake and natural disaster relief, Human Rights, indigenous cultural development, education and poverty, women’s issues, immigrant rights, addiction and rehabilitation groups, Downs Syndrome, social justice, poverty alleviation, environment, animal conservation, orphans, children’s issues, elderly people, youth issues, economic development, medical care, and many more!

Current Placement: Volunteer English Teacher in a Russian foundation which helps to reforest degraded watershed areas and works with local communities on forest restoration using methods which restore forest ecosystems to their original status using native tree species. In conjunction with their ecosystem restoration projects they conduct environmental education for children, youths and adjults, and assist poor communities to pursue their development aspirations. School children in one such community requested that volunteers provide them with English language training. The groups are of around 25 school children.

In non-profit organizations the internships have a two-fold objective: to satisfy your social conscience while you also gain professionally. So that you can benefit from an international on-the-job experience while you volunteer, the posts in non-profit organizations are not usually at the grass roots level, except in Russia, Thailand and Cuba.

In the administrative divisions for example, we can place journalism majors in the Press Department of a humanitarian organization to fuse the linguistic, career and volunteer needs of that candidate. Read our blog about the other reasons one pays for a volunteer position in an association or organization here. The Marketing placements are in a wide span of organizations.