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    From ‘Cuban State Of Mind – Havana and Santiago de Cuba‘ by Rachelle Leung:

    “… Havana is a city made for walking, enjoy the sunkiss, taking a different street everyday. People chill in the doorways, trading back and forth from balconies to street vendors with fruit wheelbarrows.  One greets his pal with trays of two dozen eggs in his hands almost brushed by a bicitaxi  where the driver says ‘Taxi?  Taxi?’ to you, when you finally withdraw yourself from the peeling-off facade of a colonial building, enlivened by a man with cigar on the balcony waving at you.

    Cuban State Of Mind… For someone who knows next to nothing about Cuba, the free walking tour in Old Havana showed how fascinating this island is with history and humor. The indigenous people, colonization, multi-cultures, revolutions, recession, Fidel, Obama, tourism. I am impressed by the Cuban mentality, with all the ever-changing influences from across the ocean, it stays forever optimistic, laid-back and cheerful. We have to! This was the guide’s response. I wish the world would share some of this commitment to smiling.

    Talking to strangers, is a way to dig into the Cuban reality. One of my goals set for this journey was to be engaged in a volunteer project, a way to practice Spanish and to get to know the culture outside the frame of tourism and hustlers. I was looking into the possibilities of a cultural, eco or artistic tour in which the profit  would go back to the local communities. So you’re going to help the Cubans rip us off?! Ouch, I felt a punch in my face when a tourist said this after three days in the Capital feeling like they have had enough of the country.” See here full article

    See here our Intern / Study in Cuba program!

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    Rachelle (Tsz Wai) Leung was born and bred in Hong Kong and studied Cinematic Art at the City University of Hong Kong graduating in 2014. She is a soul constantly roaming from culture to culture, powered by curiosity and inspired by Rays. Breeze. Bumps. Drops. Waves. Woods. Spines. Peaks. Palms. Pines. Blooms and Faces. From Nature, she came to explore, to learn, before becoming one with the Nature again. She will soon be in Dominican Republic as an intern/volunteer, learning to give back. Besides travel, her passions are photography, bike riding and yoga and she reflects these passions in her photography and blogs on Instagram and Facebook (Instagram.com/MintGreenAndBurgundy; MintGreenAndBurgundy.net; https://www.facebook.com/racheleung619)


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