Freedom to Travel – How to Make Traveling Easy

How to Make Traveling Easy

It seems like yesterday when I started to travel 6 months a year out of obligation … and now, when commenting on it in public, the reactions vary from interesting to enviable. But what everyone wants to know is what factors provided me with freedom to travel especially on a tight budget. My answer in a nutshell is, in reality, it is much easier to travel if you are poor than if you are rich… This post…

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7 New Reasons to Substitute Tallinn, Estonia, for Your Russian Internship

Tallinn Estonia

If you were interested in interning or studying in Russia, it is now out of the question.  So where do I go?  BEST Programs can answer your question and all your doubts. Just read on where we will talk about Tallinn, Estonia and 7 good reasons to substitute Tallinn, Estonia, for your Russian Internship. Here is our blog post, Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia and Global City of the Future, with some good reasons to choose Tallinn…

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Cuba Practicalities and Tips: Internships and Volunteerism in Cuba

LAST UPDATED: Abril, 2024. (Bear in mind that Cuba changes rapidly, so it is possible some things might be outdated soon.) Cuba Practicalities – Are you traveling to Cuba for the first time? There is nothing quite like it! We have composed this list of practical help to avoid possible confusion and overwhelming. We suggest you read them all. Americans traveling to Cuba With the different American political tendencies and sometimes the administrations’ tension, Cuban and American relations can change rapidly…

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Carolina (Study in Cuba): “Immediately I could feel the Cuban spirit”

See here our Study / Volunteer / Internship in Cuba program! Hola Me llamo Carolina y soy de Bélgica. The rest of this little note, I’m going to write in English. After a long search for an opportunity to learn Spanish in Cuba I found ‘Best programs’ online. I left for Cuba on the 4th of February 2020 and I’m going to stay for 2 months.   When I arrived I was greeted by Wendy, such a…

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Cuban State Of Mind Photo Gallery

Cuban state of mind - Rachelle Leung

See here our Intern / Study in Cuba program! Photo Gallery (Click to enlarge) From ‘Cuban State Of Mind – Havana and Santiago de Cuba‘ by Rachelle Leung: “… Havana is a city made for walking, enjoy the sunkiss, taking a different street everyday. People chill in the doorways, trading back and forth from balconies to street vendors with fruit wheelbarrows.  One greets his pal with trays of two dozen eggs in his hands almost brushed by…

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Reasons to Do Your Internship in Tallinn, Estonia

Old Town Tallinn

Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia and Global City of the Future Tallinn, Estonia – BEST Programs´ New High-Tech and International Business Mecca Part of the economically stable Nordic area on a busy trading route between East and West, Estonia is a tiny bit of land of only 50,000 square kilometers that has been on the world map since 1920. After its liberation from Russia (USSR), it became a de facto independent country in 1991. Estonians lived rough…

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