Madrid, Spain

Our flagship city in experiential learning. Intern in any field. 2 to 12 months.

Best Programs

Whether Europe, America or Asia revolving registration year long. Get life and professional experience.

Barcelona, Spain

Non-academically focused edutravel for learners on a budget.

Edutravel to Cuba

Life and professional experience. Cuban dance, music, art, cooking, Spanish. Intern or volunteer.

Salsa in Cuba

The "Tierra Caliente" is world class in art, music and dance.

Amazing Thailand

Volunteer or Intern in Chiang Mai or Bangkok.

BEST Programs since 1997

We prospect firms for internships, volunteer and TEFL.

The "land of smiles"

Packaged program for edutravel in Thailand.

Intern and Celebrate the Magic

St. Petersburg on February 23rd, Defender of the Fatherland Day.

St Petersburg, Russia

Cultural Capital of Russia. Learn Russian and intern in the "Venice of the North".


New York area for interns and trainees with J1 visas. 12 to 18 months.

New York City

All ages. All fields. Participants from around the world.

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Intern Programs

Combining value with a la carte service for university students, recent graduates, job seekers / recyclers, BEST finds internships in virtually any industry or major in a variety of international destinations.

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Intern + Study Visa

Work legally in Spain for up to 20 hours a week on an extendable student visa. BEST provides an unpaid internship in any area, language classes, airport retrieval, lodging search, etc. in Barcelona or Madrid, Spain.

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Au Pair Programs

By teaching English to families many young women who are passionate about Spanish culture have the chance to live and study in Spain without any living costs and earning 75 euros a week.

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Articles and tips for international edu-travelers, special offers, country information, press releases and news. Feedback from our participants relating their experiences.

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    Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia and Global City of the Future Tallinn, Estonia – BEST Programs´ New High-Tech and International Business Mecca Part of the economically stable Nordic area on a busy trading route between East and West, Estonia is a tiny bit of land of only 50,000 square kilometers that has been on the […]

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    by Anna Cherentsova The benefits of an internship cannot be overestimated. Statistical evidence shows that graduates who have internship experience get jobs quicker and start at a higher salary than those without. Through an internship, a better perspective of the industry is gained. An internship will give you a greater sense of confidence in your […]

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    by Anna Cherentsova In the summer of 2005, I had my last year of high school and was considering different career strategies. A Master of Science in Speech Technology was my priority, but that only promised a full time position in the office for the rest of my life. I felt like I would be happier […]

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  • Work and Residency Permits in Spain: The Administrative Labyrinth

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    You can live and work in Spain! See here our Internship in Spain program! Live the experience! by Jill Arcaro Spain is the most visited country in Europe for long-term tourism, alluring millions each year. A frequently posed question from the participants in our Spanish internship placement program is about the possibility of obtaining legal […]

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Testimony Letters

Letters from our alumni relating their experiences

For the next two weeks I will be taking language classes in the mornings as a brief warm up and get-acclimated-to-this-strange-foreign-place phase. After that, it’s out into the real world as I begin work as a PR/Marketing intern for a travel agency in the center of Madrid. If any of you... Read more

Katherine Sartain

I’m happy to try to give some feedback about our week in Santiago de Cuba. First, Waldo was fantastic as a guide. We really valued his advice, and he knew all the best places to go and found a wonderful taxi driver for us. You asked about safety. There was no... Read more

Rose Osborn

My feelings about my first week in Santiago de Cuba with Best Programs: contacts, friends, and desire to return soon From the first night when BEST´s Cuban representative, Waldo Regueiferos and I met at the airport I felt a connection to Santiago de Cuba. Perhaps it was his smile of... Read more

Shirley Douglas