• Reasons to Do Your Internship in Tallinn, Estonia

    Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia and Global City of the Future

    Tallinn, Estonia – BEST Programs´ New High-Tech and International Business Mecca

    Old Town Tallinn

    Old Town Tallinn – Kaupo Kalda – Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

    Part of the economically stable Nordic area on a busy trading route between East and West, Estonia is a tiny bit of land of only 50,000 square kilometers that has been on the world map since 1920. After its liberation from Russia (USSR), it became a de facto independent country in 1991.

    Estonians lived rough lives as nordic peasants, fishermen, craftsmen and tradesmen throughout centuries, dominated by larger powers but never disintegrated or broken. Its membership in the Hanseatic trade union made the area prosperous and frequented in spite of the harsh climate and isolation.

    Internship in Tallinn

    As part of the EU since 2004, Tallinn was elected European capital of culture in 2011 and according to Inc.com Tallinn is among 5 Global Cities of the Future. BEST Programs invites you to unveil the wonders of this gem – a modern technologically developed and glowing city with refined antiquity.

    Internishp in Tallinn - City Center Tallinn

    City Center Tallinn – Kaupo Kalda – Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

    Many, Many Reasons to Do Your Internship in Tallinn, Estonia

    • Lonely Planet, the prestigious international travel publisher, named Tallinn the best value destination for 2018.
    • Tallinn has the best-preserved medieval Old Town in Northern Europe that has earned the city a place in the UNESCO´s World Heritage List. With its 800 years of history, it is often called “the city of towers and tunnels”.  Tallinn Old Town contains about 1.9 kms of medieval fortifications dating back to the 14th century still intact. Under the Old Town is a labyrinth of 17th century tunnels, now open to the public as a tourist attraction. Tallinn Town Hall is the oldest city hall in North-Europe and the only preserved one in Gothic style.

    But the present may even seem brighter than the past in today’s Tallinn.

    • Converted in a compact cutting-edge urban area varying between high-tech spaces to luxurious sea-view comfort, Tallinn gives a clue on what an ideal European city should look like.
    • Tallinn is among the world’s top 10 cities with the cleanest air classified as a “very green” capital, with public green areas covering more than 25% of its surface.
    • A city to enjoy and get to know state-of-the-art biotechnology and electronics by simply living there: buses are run on natural gas, electric cars can be rented out for as low as 2 euros with free use of plenty of charging stations around.
    • Practically no industrial plants except for construction.
    • Ecologically conscious solutions make the total of zero waste air emission. In 2011, Estonia even sold the unused allowance of air polluting emissions to Europe and Japan.
    • A one low-traffic bus route is operated by automatic self-driving buses.
    • Even food delivery is run by tiny self-navigating robots elaborated by a local startup company, Starship Technologies, with headquarters in San Francisco, USA.
    Internship in Tallin - Tram Tallinn

    Tram Tallinn – Maret Põldveer-Turay – Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

    Internship in Tallinn – High-Tech Opportunities and Professional Outlets

    • Estonia is Northern Europe’s knowledge hub for technology and digital business.
    • Tallinn is listed among the top 10 digital cities of the world by the Internations 2019 report.
    • BEST Programs can prospect you an internship in business areas ranging from today’s top  domains in areas such as IT, electronics, cyber security, blockchain, to nature-caring and more traditional ones like marine, eco-friendly industries and sustainable development, bioeconomy and organic food.
    • The language of business is English.
    • The world-famous company Skype was born in Tallinn which only attests to its proleferance as the birth place for startups and revolutionary IT solutions like Transferwise, Taxify/Bolt, Twilio, Starship and many others.
    • Starting a company, declaring your taxes, and filing annual reports can all be done without leaving your couch. It’s a simple fact – business will grow if it is made easy. That’s why Estonia is one of the countries with the highest concentration of start-ups per capita.
    • Residents and business owners make use of cutting-edge solutions from e-government to mobile parking.
    • All hotels, conference centres, as well as many public areas offer free Wi-Fi.
    • Estonia boasts one of the highest levels of Internet freedom in the world.

    Statistics Supporting our Choice of Tallinn as our Hottest Destination

    • #1 Europe’s most entrepreneurial country (by World Economic Forum).
    • #3 in Europe in number of startups per capita (Funderbeam Start up Investment Report).
    • 3,700 Estonian IT companies hiring (according to Work in Estonia web portal).
    • 2x Number of international talent (ratio of international employees has doubled in the past 5 years, by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board).
    Pirita promenade Tallinn

    Pirita promenade Tallinn – Kadi-Liis Koppel – Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

    Ever since the days of Viking traders Tallinn has been a meeting point for various cultures and nations, so visitors coming from any direction are bound to find something familiar, and something exotic, when they explore the city. Reminiscence of Soviet years is no longer a painful memory now that the country has revived into a modern prosperous state, being the most astounding transformation if compared to all other ex-Soviet republics.

    Tallinn, Estonia – How You Can Benefit from Europe’s Hottest Internship Destination

    To boost world-awareness and spread benefit among BEST Program´s participants we offer you an a-la-carte, no-frills internship placement program in the professional area of your choice, on-site English language tutor and accommodation search for up to three months.  Ancillary services are also available for classes, rush placements, city tours, airport transfers, etc. upon request and catering to personal needs. Write for more information or see our website´s section here (available soon).



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