• 7 New Reasons to Substitute Tallinn, Estonia, for Your Russian Internship

    If you were interested in interning or studying in Russia, it is now out of the question.  So where do I go?  BEST Programs can answer your question and all your doubts. Just read on where we will talk about Tallinn, Estonia and 7 good reasons to substitute Tallinn, Estonia, for your Russian Internship.

    Tallinn Estonia

    Here is our blog post, Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia and Global City of the Future, with some good reasons to choose Tallinn as a destination.  But now there are changes in the winds and after deliberation and resounding international support, we have decided to temporarily suspend our Russia program due to the Ukrainian crisis.  As BEST Program´s Founder, I am writing this post to encourage all our prospective program participants to consider or substitute St. Petersburg, for Tallinn, Estonia.

    The good reasons are:

    1. In spite of its geographical location (see map here), it is a European Union member and no visa is required for stays up to 3 months.
    2. 50 % of the population are native Russian speakers.  You can get by in English or Russian, easily as they are the languages of business.
    3. It is an exceptionally (extremely) technologically advanced state, with a modern as well as a preserved, old town and a sea port.  It is an under-credited as an economic reference in Europe for its tech-focused outlook.
    4. Great connections for frequent travelers and an easy commute to St. Petersburg in the event this situation changes.
    5. Nature lovers´ paradise with lots of space and environmentally friendly.
    6. Although the Ukrainian refugee influx is affecting housing, Tallinn is still a low cost of living destination.  i.e. Consumer Prices in Milan are 36.06% higher than in Tallinn (without rent).  Rent in Tallinn is, on average, 40.01% lower than in Madrid and on average, 81.85% lower than in New York.


    In addition, in order to lessen the inconvenience of the change of plans and as a token of goodwill and support, at no extra cost BEST wants to offer you a remote internship in Russia in addition to Tallinn´s live program.  We will also provide your return airport transfer.

    In order to proceed, please fill out the application form.

    Here is the link to our Tallinn program on our website.

    Hoping you can weather the current changes and make them work to your advantage, we want to extend our help in whatever we can do to guide you in planning and deciding.  Please contact Anna Cherentsova at easteurope@bestprograms.org with any questions.

    Tallinn skyline


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