• Best Programs Presents Videoclip ‘Inside Cuba Today’

    The video is the idea and creation of the talented Cuban artist and photographer Waldo Regueiferos, and opens another door to Best Programs in its inclusion of Havana and Santiago de Cuba as low-cost packaged destinations.

    Jill Arcaro, founder of BEST and a finalist for the Innovation in Educational Programs Award GoAbroad in 2015, said today that the video´s intention is to expand cultural knowledge of Cuba to the public. Dance, music, Spanish, Thai massage, art studies and professional internships are included in the comprehensive package that became a reality in the Greater Antilles in early 2015.

    The clip  summarizes in five and a half minutes the essence in Cuba of BEST´s particular brand of alternative tourism baptized as Edutravel. Each program participant, without restrictions of age or origin, chooses their own mix of study options together with a business or volunteer collaboration in their professional area of interest. Features can be alternated, chosen alone, or opt out of, at will. Teaching, marketing of the arts, Cuban cuisine and salsa dancing have been the most popular so far.

    Finally, “Inside Cuba Today” is a video clip providing a cutting edge view of Cuba today and aims to attract audiences eager for knowledge about the country in this exciting time of change.

    See bestprograms.org Internships Destinations: Cuba for package details and how to sign up.


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