• Intern Abroad: Free Time and Socializing

    Advice about what there is to do and how to improve your social life during your stay in Europe.


    Free Time and Socializing

    Testimony 1

    “With the international situation being what it is, it was a super interesting time to be over here. See protests, and talk to people about attitudes and politics. I definitely became more aware of a world view, and an American view on things. Enjoy your time abroad in Madrid and take advantage of all the opportunities that you have. Make an effort to meet people because the people you meet make your experience unforgettable!”

    Testimony 2

    “Many special social activities were held for students by our language school. Every week there were parties held at bars and every week there would be an optional trip for students to take somewhere in Spain if they so desired. The experience as a whole definitely impacted me in a positive manner. From a cultural and social aspect, it really helped me understand how the rest of the world does things. Being abroad was a real eye-opener for me. It is interesting to see how the rest of the world perceives the United States and how much the things we do impact them. When it comes to how it will influence future possibilities for me, I hope that my experience abroad will help me to land a job somewhere on the international business. And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll go live in Spain again.”

    Testimony 3

    “There are many ways to find things to do. Guia del Ocio comes out every Friday and only costs 1 Euro. There is one in your orientation folder or you can buy one at any kiosk. This magazine tells you everything that’s going on in Madrid. There’s a listing of restaurants, clubs, theaters, movies, etc. You can also stop by the tourist office in Plaza Mayor and pick up a free copy of “What’s on in Madrid” which is a monthly magazine in English. As for going out, there are bar hopping nights run by the language school every week. They organize various activities and trips for students. The intensive Spanish course at the beginning of the Program is a great way to make friends. Although you’ll eventually figure out where to go out, this is a good start and you can meet people from all over the world.”

    Testimony 4

    “For social events, movies, and shows, the “Guia del Ocio” is sold in Madrid on nearly every street corner at all the newspaper and magazine stands. It is a weekly publication that talks about all the upcoming social evens in the city. Furthermore, social events are frequently advertised via posters around the city and near bus stops.”

    Testimony 5

    “Make an effort to meet a lot of people while you’re abroad. Try to live with other Europeans, take the intensive Spanish classes, approach people and begin a conversation, talk to the people you live and work with, and find a Spanish intercambio (interchange language partner). These are all great ways to meet a lot of people while you’re in Madrid.”

    Testimony 6

    Madrid is a large city and may take some time to become familiar with. There are so many things to do in the city and I found the most helpful guide to be the “Guia del Ocio” which is a magazine that comes out weekly and can be bought at any kiosk on the street. It costs 1 Euro and tells you everything going on in the city of Madrid for that week. In the back it lists all restaurants in alphabetical order and gives a brief description of each and where they are and it lists all the addresses and contact info for theaters and cinemas in the city as well as movies and movie times. This magazine is very useful.”


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