“I wanted to experience the Cuban lifestyle first hand”

1. Why did you decide to study and intern abroad? In April 2016, I visited Cuba for the first time on a one week vacation which was a package programme staying in hotels and travelling with a local tour guide. I fell in love with the Cuban culture and the Cuban optimism, but I wanted to experience the Cuban lifestyle first hand. So I decided to come back on a more social and less touristy programme which…

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Testimonial: Alexander Cameron, Canadian Volunteer

Hijo de canadiense y peruana, Alexander Cameron, 27 años, procede de Victoria (Vancouver, Canadá), Licenciado en Ciencias Políticas, llegó el pasado mes de abril a Barcelona para perfeccionar su español y, fiel a su sensibilización social, buscó una ONG donde poder echar una mano durante su estancia en España. De este modo, recaló en la entidad sabadellense Fundació SID Moskitia, donde colabora todas las tardes de lunes a viernes. “Es como una familia -dice-. Me tratan de…

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How To Study Spanish Online?

Learn Spanish Online

Spanish is among the easiest languages for anyone to learn. The hardest part is the accent. They use the most basic ways of pronouncing all the vowels which means that words can only be pronounced in a certain way. English as well as many other languages have discrepancies when it comes to pronunciation but Spanish stays constant which is why it is so easy to master. One of the easiest ways for you to learn the Spanish…

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A week in Santiago de Cuba – Rose’s Testimonial

Rose Osborn in Cuba Testimonial

Dear BEST, I’m happy to try to give some feedback about our week in Santiago de Cuba. First, Waldo was fantastic as a guide. We really valued his advice, and he knew all the best places to go and found a wonderful taxi driver for us. You asked about safety. There was no problem with safety. There were people in Santiago de Cuba who kind of hassled us and would not leave us alone, but they seemed…

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Shirley Douglas: Feelings about my Trip to Cuba with BEST Programs

Trip to Cuba

MY FEELINGS ABOUT MY FIRST WEEK IN SANTIAGO DE CUBA WITH BEST PROGRAMS: CONTACTS, FRIENDS, AND DESIRE TO RETURN SOON By Shirley Douglas (December, 2015) From the first night when BEST´s Cuban representative, Waldo Regueiferos and I met at the airport I felt a connection to Santiago de Cuba. Perhaps it was his smile of welcome, or that he spoke to me in Spanish as if we were friends. Perhaps it had something to do with the…

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Katherine Sartain’s Testimony: Working in Madrid

Working in Madrid

I am typing this from my apartment in Madrid, Spain, where I will be living and working until August 1st. And I cannot be more excited, to say the least. Most people looked at me like a martian with a death wish when inquiring about my upcoming summer plans, given my success rate of a similar experience last summer. If not that, a subtle “Thats awesome, are your parents insane?” expression was a close second. Not that…

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Internship Testimonials: Money Matters

Money Matters

Advice from alumni on economic issues. Money Matters Testimony 1 “It would be a wise move to bring some Euros with you. You should exchange some money in your home country or at the airport (either departures or arrivals). It is often hard to exchange money once you have arrived if you arrive on a weekend, which most of us do. Take in consideration that some credit cards don’t work, and that it would be good idea…

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