• Why pay for a volunteer program abroad?

    by Jill Arcaro

    Some people manage to find their own volunteer placements independently, but this can take ages to get organized and sometimes, it is not always safe. As a result, not all travelers have that great lifetime experience they had hoped for.

    Volunteer Program Abroad

    Many participants express that the concept of paying for a volunteer post is strange at first. With this in mind we have listed some reasons below why you should pay for a volunteer program abroad:

    • You save time organizing the trip.
    • As we have worked and sent interns to many non-profit organizations and associations worldwide so we know who to contact in each organization to facilitate the placement.
    • We will find the accommodation for you which is most convenient.
    • We organize courses around the internship placement, to improve your language skills or for you to pursue other interesting subjects typical of your destination such as dancing in Cuba or cooking in Thailand.
    • You will have a tutor there to help you with academic and professional affairs.
    • Transfer from and to the airport.
    • We provide full coverage health, accident and travel insurance.
    • We screen all organizations.
    • Frequently called voluntourism or edutravel, you will experience this new way to travel, discover, learn and aid!



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