Study + Visa: Language Course

You usually attend an intensive language course before or during the Internship Programs. If your language level is already intermediate level the course can be waivered and the cost deducted from the program fee. These language classes consists of:

Language course

  • According to the country destination you have chosen you will study 40 hours of classes (2 to 4 weeks in the mornings for example from 9 am to 12:30 pm or similar, Monday to Friday) or in private language classes according to the level you test into. The language classes and their characteristics will be clearly described on your itinerary. There are a maximum of 8 students in each class, average 5 or fewer.
  • Cultural and Social Activities Program, which is aimed at improving your knowledge of the city itself (through our walking tours and visits to world-famous art museums, etc.). Some programs also involve evenings, where you can enjoy food and typical drink, whilst making friends with other students from the school. Some events are free and others have a small charge.
  • Our schools are centrally located in an up-market neighborhoods. Schools and teachers are fully-qualified and legally registered. All are native speakers, educated to at least degree level. They are fully-equipped, specialized language schools for intensive language courses.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to participate in class conversations and to get to know your classmates from all over the world.
  • Most legal holidays cannot be made up, but sometimes a school has the policy to make up all hours missed due to bank holidays. For further information please inquire by email whether your participation dates conflict and if the classes can be made up.
  • If you feel after attending that you would like to extend, or would like to come early to start extra weeks of intensive classes they cost approximately 170 Euros/week for 20 hours. This may vary slightly according to the school and the exact number of hours a week or the country.

Language course

The school provides:

  • Placement test pre-arrival
    (Note: If your level is above intermediate you may waiver the course and obtain a discount. If your language level is beginner we suggest extending the course to at least one month. Most complete beginners’ classes begin on the first Monday of the month)
  • Orientation pack or otherwise
  • Daily free guided cultural activity (drinks /entrance charges payable by student if required)
  • Free access to the Internet on the school’s computer terminals and/or wifi (except Cuba).
  • Library service
  • Conversation Exchange with native speakers
  • 24h emergency number
  • End of course certificate
  • Text book and materials