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Programs ideal for experiential and independent learners on a budget. All ages. All subject areas.
Objectives: to enhance language skills and to prospect firms for internships, volunteer posts and TEFL.


Best Programs 2016: New Web Site and New Options in Cuba

Within several weeks and to coincide with the launching of their new web site, Best Programs, the Edu-travel firm, has announced the inclusion of 4 optional excursions from La Havana and Santiago de Cuba to strengthen the goals of BEST. Founder, Jill Arcaro states that each new excursion is a challenge to the imagination. “We use the common denominator of combining fun with learning, all according to each participant´s needs and interests either semi-privately or in small groups.

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Shirley Douglas: Feelings about my Trip to Cuba with BEST Programs


Contacts, friends, and desire to return soon

From the first night when BEST´s Cuban representative, Waldo Regueiferos and I met at the airport I felt a connection to Santiago de Cuba. Perhaps it was his smile of welcome, or that he spoke to me in Spanish as if we were friends. Perhaps it ...
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Best Programs Presents Videoclip "Inside Cuba Today"

The clip  summarizes in five and a half minutes the essence in Cuba of BEST´s particular brand of alternative tourism baptized as Edutravel. Each program participant, without restrictions of age or origin, chooses their own mix of study options together with a business or volunteer collaboration in their professional area of interest.

BEST Programs Organizes Event "Inside Cuba Today" in Montclair, New Jersey

We present this event to show the American public how much one can experience in Cuba today.  The evening will include an exhibition of works by the Cuban artists Isabel Alvarez, Oandris Tejeiro, Waldo Regueiferos, Yordis Jimenez, Alexei Cutiño and Alexander Fisher ranging from photography, screen printing and painting to naive art.

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BEST Programs to Present in December Videoclip: Inside Cuba Today

The video clip "Inside Cuba Today" will be presented next December at the Christmas event of a famous New York Cuban restaurant. The video is the idea and creation of the talented Cuban artist, Waldo Regueiferos, and opens another door to Best Programs in its inclusion of Havana and Santiago de Cuba as low-cost packaged destinations.

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Edutourism - Visit Cuba Now: A different kind of tourism


BEST´s latest two-city program in La Havana and Santiago de Cuba is fused with exciting things to do combining classes in Thai massage at Santiago de Cuba´s top-class Cultural Center with Cuban dance in La Havana or Santiago and Spanish classes too.


Our package for one or two weeks is flexible (you choose what classes you want to do).


Jill Arcaro -finalist for the GoAbroad Innovation Award for Internship Program in Cuba

With pleasure we announce that on April 17, 2015 in Colorado, the BEST Programs Director, Jill Arcaro, was selected as a finalist for the GoAbroad Innovation Award for their Internship Program in Cuba. The prestigious award from the most comprehensive educational website on the Internet, chose BEST´s La Havana and Santiago de Cuba programs in Cuba among 38 nominees as one of the five finalists. (También versión en español)

New: Internships, Spanish Language and Salsa in Cuba

Ideal for participants of all ages and nationalities who want added value to your holiday. And of our edutravel options to Cuba guarantee to boost your level of Spanish and afford you life experience in a non-academic atmosphere while learning Cuba’s national dance – Salsa, or interning or volunteering.

Katherine Sartain's Testimony: Tempestuous

I arrived yesterday (Saturday) morning at 10 a.m. Madrid time.

A man named Gagik from BEST picked me up from the airport. I still don’t know exactly where he’s from, but he was the nicest (and only) driver I’ve ever had. So far, the fellow international students in my apartment are very friendly and the city is as beautiful as I can remember...

Madrid se abre al oriente: La llegada de los estudiantes chinos

La Directora de BEST Programs, Jill Arcaro, afirma que “el potencial es enorme, lo hemos podido ver cuando hemos tenido que cerrar la matrícula en marzo para el verano".

Preguntada por la motivación para financiar una estancia así, nos contestó que es la cultura, el idioma y la oportunidad de expansión profesional.